Improv Teacher As Midwife

A midwife supports a woman through the vulnerable and awe-inspiring process of birth.  Her job is to honor the mother’s process, to provide support, wisdom on the process of birthing, and ultimately supporting the mother’s individual birthing choices.  This job is so important for the mother- a vulnerable process… to birth a new being into […] Continue reading →

Be The Change

Be the Change I recently spoke on a panel on Women in Improvisation at Improvaganza- Hawaii festival of improv along with two other improv movers/shakers, Shaun Landry (Oui Be Negroes, Essence Improv/ Los Angeles) and Kristen Lucas (Pin-up Squirrels/ NYC).  As the panel came to a close, each speaker was asked by moderator , Kimee Balmilero […] Continue reading →

Fly and Catch

This phrase “I got your back” is often repeated amongst improvisors before a show.  What does this really mean? Do you really have your players’ backs?  Are you really able to receive what ever your players throw at you?  Are you able to commit to your choices and trust that these moments will be caught […] Continue reading →

It Isn’t True Until You Say It

I’ve been finding myself saying this phrase to my improv students a lot lately.  Ambiguity can feel safe and comfortable, and there seems to be a lot of fear around making strong statements for many beginning improv students.  But once new students drink the improv koolaid of strong committed choices, there’s no stopping them.  Name […] Continue reading →

Yeah, I said Femprovisor!

Feminist appears to be a dirty word in society at large, and I’ve noticed this dirty word invoke a hideous cringing facial response in many improv circles.  Alternatively, I recently joined a group called “Yeah I Said Feminist!”  These women are a collection of theatre artists in the Bay Area.  It was so thrilling to […] Continue reading →