Improv: Born from A Woman

As an improv teacher, I have been greatly inspired by Viola Spolin, a woman that is often deemed “The grandmother of improvisation.” For new improvisors, and/or those who need some education on their lineage, here’s our history: Viola Spolin (1906-1994) initially trained to be a settlement worker, similar to our modern day social worker- a […] Continue reading →

Improv Can Be Pretty

During Julie Payne’s Workshop, Powered by Women, Enjoyed by All- held in March  2012, she said something that stuck with me, “Improv Can Be Pretty.”  I continue to reflect why such a statement amongst all the other great quotes from this influential improvisor has been rolling around in this way too busy brain of mine. I […] Continue reading →

Play Like A Girl

Why is it that women are still the minority in the improvisation culture? This is a question I’ve been asking for quite awhile. As I explore improvisation, I’m usually using the broad umbrella definition pertaining to the art of improvisation and all of its art forms. But for this post, I’d like to explore the […] Continue reading →

The Holistic Improvisor

This is the first blog posting of much more to come.  I have always been interested in this word “holistic” and remember teaching my first improv workshop series at University of Florida my senior year entitled, Improv, from the holistic perspective.  I wanted to leave my mark as I was departing and give back all […] Continue reading →